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check your email

Hey there you amazing human, thank you so much for joining! Phew, that’s one of the hardest parts over and done with, deciding that it’s time to get yo’self organized. And that’s exactly what I’m here for. 

So, check your email. When you find the one from me (it should say Krystal – PHM Member, or Krystal – Project Hot Mess) be sure to whitelist the email address. This is important because you don’t want to miss any of my emails. To whitelist the address, simply add me as a contact. 

what you can do now

Budgeting Strategies - 47

check out your membership

Of course you want to dive right into your membership! Keep that momentum going by heading to the members area and clicking around. 

Budgeting Strategies - 48

write your intentions

Take some time to set your intentions – what is it you want to achieve with this membership? This is always a good exercise to do regularly so you can see how far you’ve come. 

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come say hi to me

While I might be super awkward at in person conversations… I can rock a DM chat like there’s no tomorrow. Come say hi to me over on Instagram and let me know who you are. I’d love to *meet* you. 

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