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Below you’ll find links to various journal prompts that you can download and print. 

Each journal prompt download comes with a prompt at the top of the page and room to write your journaling for the day. 

Some downloads also come with blank pages if you would prefer to doodle or draw your journals. 

You will also find a section of ‘blank journal pages’ that are a collection of pages you can use to either print and use as your journal pages, or add to your iPad and use to write your journals too. 


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You can print these journals at home or send them to a local print company to help you print and bind them if you’d prefer. 

All journals come in A4 and US Letter size. You can size these down to A5 or half letter.

To Print As A5 or US Half Letter:

In Adobe

Select Print
Under ‘Page Size & Handling’ select ‘Multiple’
Pages per sheet =2
Select ‘Portrait’ or ‘Landscape’ based on orientation of planner (check the preview window on the side to ensure print looks correct)
This option will make printing single sided on A4 pages the easiest.

If you would like you print directly to A5 pages, you can do so as you would normally print a page with the A4 file by selecting ‘Page Setup’ and choosing A5 as your page size. You may also need to select ‘fit’ or ‘shrink to fit’ under the print options. Check the preview window on the side to ensure print looks correct.

All journals are PDF files. 

These are standard PDF files and are not editable PDF files. 

You may be able to use them in some apps like Goodnotes, where you can write into the spaces with an Apple Pen or equivalent. 

These are not hyperlinked files as they are designed to be printed and used as hard copies. 

We do offer digital journals that are hyperlinked in our digital journals section. 

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