Vision board workshop

Create a beautiful visual representation of your life goals, inspirations, and what brings you absolute joy.

"Be obsessed with creating the life you love, and loving the life you've created."
krystal kleidon

lesson 1

Vision Board Printables

To help inspire you for your vision board, I’ve created 50 vision board printable cards. These small square images can be printed and added to your vision board to create a beautiful cohesive look, and inspire you with motivational quotes too! 

lesson 2

What is the purpose of a vision board?

If you’ve rolled your eyes at someone talking about vision boards before, thinking they’re all woo woo then you’re not alone (hey, who doesn’t love a bit of woo anyway). However, once you understand WHY we create vision boards, then you’ll be able to see the power in them. 

Visualization is a powerful mind exercised used by everyone from business owners to elite athletes. The idea is that visualizing your desired outcome fires up areas of the brain that help you achieve that outcome. It also hits on principle elements of the Law of Attraction believe that you can manifest your desired outcome by visualization and creating high frequency vibrations to the universe (the energy you put out into the universe is the energy you get back). 

But what does this mean for you? 

By creating a vision board, we put together a visual representation of things we desire in our lives and things that motivate us to achieve those desires. By seeing these visual representations on a regular basis (there’s no point creating your vision board then putting it in a cupboard and never looking at it again) you can increase motivation, confidence, and even start seeing more opportunities to achieve your goals and desires. 

But it’s not all about the physical things you want… 

lesson 3

What do you add to your vision board?

While it might be tempting to fill your vision board with images of your dream house, dream car and a whole bunch of physical items, these shouldn’t be the only things you put on your board. 

When it comes to creating a life you love, you need to think bigger and wider. 

There are a few key things you can take into consideration when deciding what you’re going to put on your vision board:

What Is Important To You?

Your vision board is all about the things you want to draw into your life. By adding in images or words that represent what is important to you, you reiterate the need to keep these things prominent in your life. 

Examples of these could include pictures of your family, or the word family, pictures or words that represent the success you want to achieve or anything that represents your values and beliefs. 

What Inspires You?

Filling your vision board with images that inspire you or make you feel motivated or excited will help you raise your energy and vibe when looking at your board. 

I love adding images of the beach or the night sky as these are two things that I know make me feel energised and motivated. For you it may be something different – it could be a word, a phrase, a picture, or a person. Spend some time thinking about what inspires you. 

How Do You Want To Feel?

Visual representations don’t only apply to the things we want, but also to the way we want to feel. Do you want to feel successful? Add in images or words that represent success. Do you want to feel carefree? Add in images or words that represent carefree. Do you want to feel loved? You get the point…. 

What Are You Drawn To?

This part is less about what you want or desire, and more about adding in images or words that appeal to you, or that you are drawn to. 

Often there are images I’ve added to my vision board that I didn’t really understand but I just couldn’t take my eyes off or simply wanted to add. It wasn’t until I looked back on these vision boards much later that I realise those images represented something that actually became part of my life. 

Trust your instinct and allow yourself to include things that you feel you need to include. 

lesson 4

Where do you find vision board motivation?

My favourite go to for vision board inspiration is in magazines! I have been creating my own vision boards for years and magazines have always been the easiest way for me to curate images and words for my dream vision board. 

However, it’s not the only place. 

I created the Vision Board Printables for you (available above) to help you get started and give you some inspiration. These cards help add inspirational words and phrases as well as beautiful images to inspire. You can add any of these to your board. 

You can also find beautiful images on websites like and that are free to use stock photos, and can use sites like to create beautiful graphics and quotes to add for yourself. 

But don’t stop there! Get creative and add images you’ve taken of family or friends, or destinations you’ve been to and want to revisit.

Remember, there are no rules with this! This is YOUR vision board and you get to add whatever YOU want!

lesson 5

Does it have to be a physical board?

Personally I love a physical vision board that I can keep in my office and see every day. But that is not the only option. 

You can use a site like to create a virtual vision board that you can then print and frame, or even save as the screensaver on your phone or computer. 

You can also add images to photo frames and keep them around your house, or even stick images and/or quotes to your mirror so you see them every day. 

lesson 6

What do I do now?

The next step is to simply start!

Choose how you want your board to be (you can use a photo frame or a cork board, anything that will work for you) and gather your supplies. Set the mood with coffee or wine (or whatever you’d prefer), put on some music, light a candle, diffuse some oils, or burn some incense, and start to feel inspired. 

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to create your vision board. Allow your creativity to flow, even if you don’t feel like you’re the most creative person – just allow your intuition to guide you.  

I also like to place everything out before I stick it all down (Type A personality over here) and once I feel like it’s done, I’ll get up and go for a quick walk around the house and stretch before I come back and just check it all one more time. 

Just because your vision board is ‘done’ doesn’t mean you can’t add to it or allow it to evolve. Your vision boards are for you and you can create new ones whenever you want. 

You can also create separate vision boards for different areas in your life if you’d prefer and if it makes sense for you. Personally, I keep all of mine together because while I don’t believe in work/life balance, I do believe in a work/life cohesion and feel like keeping it all together helps manifest that for me. 

Once your vision board is done remember to check in on it often. Read your inspiring words, quotes, and affirmations daily. Allow yourself to just sit in front of your vision board and dream of the things in front of you, visualize yourself living a life where all of these things are your reality. You can even add it to your morning routine and sit with you vision board while you have your first coffee of the day. 

lesson 7

Remember to check in!

Las but certainly not least, remember to check in on your vision board. 

Take some time at regular intervals to see if the things on your vision board have manifested within your life. And if you can, keep your vision boards, even if you are using a new one, and check back in on the old vision boards! You’ll be amazed at what you see, how your vision boards evolve, what repeats in them, and what has become part of your life!