Sick of feeling like you're always behind in your day? Start running your day and stop letting your day run you!

"Achieving all of your goals first starts with realizing that you, in fact, control what happens in your day."
krystal kleidon

lesson 1

Daily Planning Printables

Download and print these pages to help you take control of your days. You can print and use them as often as you’d like and they will work perfectly to help you complete the lessons and activities in this course.

lesson 2


Have you ever thought about what your dream day looks like?

Like, if you could do anything you wanted, if money was no issue, if you could be anywhere, doing anything… what is it you would be doing?

What things do you wish you could do in your days?

Take some time to actually think about it in detail… what time would you wake up? What would your morning look like? Where would you be? What would you be eating?

Then what would happen? Would you go to work, or would you be retired? Would you spend your day by the beach or in the garden?

What about your night? Would you cook dinner at home or go out? Stay up late or head to bed early?

This isn’t an exercise in taunting you and snapping you back to reality, it’s about taking the time to think about what it is you want in your days, what is important to you, and how you can then add some of these elements into your day now.

Plan out your dream day, write it down and take note of what parts of the day really excite you and make you happy. These are the things we will try to be adding in to your daily plan now.

lesson 3


How are you currently spending your days? Are you stressing that you don’t have enough time then spending an hour scrolling Instagram (it’s okay, I do it too). This lesson will run you through how you can take control of this. 

lesson 4


The ‘secret’ to a well organized day isn’t about scheduling every last minute, it’s about creating segments that allow you to organize your day in a logical way. 

lesson 5

create routines

Routines are your new best friend – I promise! Stop stressing about all the little details each day and start creating routines to make your life easier. 

lesson 6

know your priorities

What do your priorities look like each day? Do you move through your day meeting everyone else’s needs and not taking any time for yourself? 

lesson 7

plan your day

This is the last step in taking control of your day, but also the step that allows everything to come together and helps you to truly run your day.