100 Questions to ask
your spouse

Never be stuck asking 'how was your day' as the conversation starter in your relationship. With this workbook you'll be having more fun, more meaningful conversations and enjoy your time together!

31 page workbook designed to help you communicate better, get to know each other more, and HAVE FUN!

Communicate better easier more often in a fun way

Dive deep into conversation with this fun and unique workbook, created by a couple, for couples.

Designed to help you get talking, have fun, and get to know your spouse even more (with questions you may have never thought to ask) this workbook can be printed and used anytime you want some inspiration for conversations. 

I created this workbook, and I’m also a wife, a mother, a business owner, and a whole lot of other things that make me, me. A lot of these things though, take up a lot of time and energy, all of which can quickly be shunted away from my marriage and my relationship with my husband.

We learned very early in our relationship that communication was going to have to be something we made a big priority – and believe me, it came with its challenges. We both communicate in very different ways, so it was like learning how to speak a whole new language.

But one of the ways we did this was through asking each other a lot of questions.

They weren’t all deep and meaningful, in fact, a lot of them were jovial and funny, but each answer gave a piece of our overall puzzle. And we had fun.

That’s what I hope for you, I hope this workbook brings you closer together, encourages you to have fun, and helps you laugh and love each other even more.