mini workshops

Want to learn a new skill, up level your understanding of organization, or keep for a little self development? These mini workshops are small, actionable trainings that give you a huge return in a short time.

"I understand you don't always have the time to take a full class - that's why these Mini Workshops will give you a bunch of 'ah-ha moments without spending hours in classes."
krystal kleidon

Mini Workshop

The debt Mindset

Did you know that there is a mindset that keeps you in debt? And it’s one that is supported in so many different aspects of our lives? 

This Mini Workshop will help you recognise the debt mindset and how you can break free from it. 

Mini Workshop

Routines vs Schedules

When it comes to running your day, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Everyone has different needs, and everyone thrives under different management styles. 

This Mini Workshop will help you determine if you are more of a ‘routines’ kind of person, or the kind of person who feels more in control by running on a schedule. 

Mini Workshop

How To Find Time For You

Finding time for yourself can be a massive challenge. Often the thought of having to ‘find more time’ for yourself can be overwhelming, so we quickly let it go in order to put everyone else first. Sound familiar?

This Mini Workshop looks at how you can find time for yourself without having to add more to your to do list.

mini workshop

take control of your day

Download and print these pages to help you take control of your days. You can print and use them as often as you’d like and they will work perfectly to help you complete the lessons and activities in this course.

Mini Workshop

financial assessment

Work through this Mini Workshop all about your current financial position BEFORE you work towards paying off any debts or moving towards your financial goals. 

First you have to know your starting point and this is your key to doing just that. 

Mini Workshop

Budgeting Strategies

So you know how to create your budget now, and you have the planners to help you keep track of everything… but this mini workshop is all about budgeting strategies you can use to help you save more money and stay on top of your finances. 

Mini Workshop

hack your habits

One of the things many people do at the start of the year is dedicate themselves to creating new habits… but they’re often not as successful as they hope to be. 

If you want to create new habits, and make those habits stick, then this mini workshop about hacking your habits is for you!

mini workshop


When was the last time you really thought about whether or not your friends were the right people to have in your life? 

Often we can get stuck in friendship ruts, without even realising that those friendships are actually toxic for us. 

This mini workshop is all about the signs of toxic friendships and what you can do if you have them in your life. 

Mini Workshop

Do it in december

The Holiday Season can be overwhelming, hectic, and straight up crazy town. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Get focused with our ‘Do It In December’ Mini Workshop. With guidance and a dedicated planner, you’ll have December under control in no time.