Dive deep into these classes and learn more about specific areas of your life that you can be more organized in. Pair these classes with the Planners and create your perfect mix.


Putting Yourself First

Putting yourself first can make a lot of people uncomfortable, after all, we have been conditioned to put everyone else before ourselves. However, it is so important to learn when to put yourself first, and why you need to do it. This Masterclass will help you with just that.

Money Mindset

intro to your money mindset

You may not have ever really thought about your money mindset, particularly your mindset beyond money in vs money out, income vs expenses. But when it comes to how you handle your money, your money mindset plays a huge part. 

This Masterclass introduces you to the idea of Money Mindset and gives you tools to start evaluating your own mindset and approach to money. 


pillars of your day

This Advanced Masterclass will take you through the deep dive pillars that make up so many aspects of our life, but have a HUGE bearing on how we can plan our day to ensure we are meeting all of our needs. 

This class takes you from planning your day, to truly Mastering your day.

self care

self care vs maintenance

In this Masterclass, we firstly address the challenges that can face us when it comes to self care, and how understanding these challenges (and planning for them) can help us to overcome them. 

We also look at what are maintenance tasks and what are self care tasks, why we need both, and how YOU can determine what categories your tasks fall into.


Budgeting Masterclass

Are you sick of creating budget after budget only to find they don’t actually work for you, or that you give up on them after short time because they’re too strict? 

I’ve been in the same situation – until I figured out how to create the perfect budget for us, that just didn’t fail.

communicate Better

5 Steps To Better Communication

This Masterclass is so much more than your average quick tips for better communication. This involves some work on your behalf but I assure you, the payoff is worth it. 

Learn the 5 Key Steps To Better Communication, not only with your spouse but with anyone in your life – these skills are transferrable to all important relationships in your life. 

Not only will you learn how to communicate better and have better conversations, but you’ll learn more about your own communication style and how to express what it is you want. 

Master Workshop

Goal Setting Workshop

Sick of creating goals you never achieve? Or perhaps you’re just not sure where to even start when it comes to setting your goals? 

This Goal Setting Workshop will help you get clear on where you should focus your energy, how to create goals that work for you, and how you can actually achieve them!

Master Mindset

Positive Mindset Masterclass

Did you know that having a positive mindset doesn’t actually come easily to a lot of poeple. Working on your mindset daily, and choosing your happy will help you see benefits in so many areas of your life. 

In this Masterclass we talk about how YOU can get in control of your mindset, how you can bring yourself back to centre when things are going awry, and why you don’t actually have to be positive all the time.