March 2021

March is all about Money and here at the Hot Mess Academy, we love talking money, taking control of our money, and most importantly, understanding our money and being able to use it to achieve our financial goals. This month we start with budgeting basics and learn how to analyze our current money situation.

"Money is neither good, nor bad. It is an inanimate object. How you use it is entirely up to you."
krystal kleidon

Budget Spreadsheet

Budgeting Spreadsheet

When it comes to calendars for 2021 I’ve got you covered. With 5 different designs, all coming in A4 size and US Letter as well as the option for Monday start or Sunday start, you’ll find the perfect calendar for you right here.

Mini Workshop

Finance Assessment Workshop

Work through this Mini Workshop all about your current financial position BEFORE you work towards paying off any debts or moving towards your financial goals. 

First you have to know your starting point and this is your key to doing just that. 


Finance Planners

Our finance planners are one of my most favourite planners because they are the ones that have helped me do amazing things like pay $120k of debt off in 3 years, and hit some huge financial goals. 

As always, we have a range of planning pages you can choose from to create your own perfect planner in a style you love. Simply click on the style you love, scroll down and find the finance planners, print and get planning! 


budgeting masterclass

Are you sick of creating budget after budget only to find they don’t actually work for you, or that you give up on them after short time because they’re too strict? 

I’ve been in the same situation – until I figured out how to create the perfect budget for us, that just didn’t fail.

Mini Workshop

Budgeting Strategies

So you know how to create your budget now, and you have the planners to help you keep track of everything… but this mini workshop is all about budgeting strategies you can use to help you save more money and stay on top of your finances.