June 2021

When it comes to money, your budget is only one aspect of your total money makeup. Your money mindset plays a huge part in how you handle your money, and how you treat money in your life.

"I love money. I love earning it. I love spending it. I love sharing it. I love seeing the positive change it can make in the world. Loving money is not something to be ashamed of."
krystal kleidon


intro to your money mindset

You may not have ever really thought about your money mindset, particularly your mindset beyond money in vs money out, income vs expenses. But when it comes to how you handle your money, your money mindset plays a huge part. 

This Masterclass introduces you to the idea of Money Mindset and gives you tools to start evaluating your own mindset and approach to money. 


creating financial goals

You know I absolutely LOVE goals, so when you combine goals + money then you can guarantee this is a topic I am super passionate about. 

In this Masterclass I’m going to take you through the mindset and steps we used to create some massive financial goals (debt free + down payment for our house) and how you can apply these strategies when creating your own financial goals. 

mini workshop

the debt mindset

Did you know that there is a mindset that keeps you in debt? And it’s one that is supported in so many different aspects of our lives? 

This Mini Workshop will help you recognise the debt mindset and how you can break free from it. 

Printable Art

money mindset affirmations

Surround yourself with beautiful affirmations that help you transform your money mindset and remind yourself that there is plenty of abundance to go around. 

journal prompts

money mindset

When working on our mindset, one of the most powerful tools we have is our ability to journal our thoughts. This can help us process them in different ways, and can also help us to clear the mental clutter from our minds. 

These journal prompts are all about your money mindset and can give you a great starting point when journalling about your money mindset.