January 2021

There's something so magical and exciting about the New Year. A year of possibilities, a year to accomplish your goals... so much can change in a year....

"Enjoy the magic of the New Year - allow your mind to wander and envision the possibilities, do things that fill you with joy, make your dreams a reality..."
krystal kleidon


Goal Setting Prompts

These journaling prompts are specifically created to help you realise what is important to you, what you want in your life, and what makes you happy. 

Download and print or use the prompts to give you guidance and write in your own journal – there are no rules with journalling, 


mini workshop

Vision Board Workshop

This quick and simple workshop will help you with visualizing and manifesting your goals in an exciting and fun way! 

These are my tips and tricks for creating a vision board that makes you excited and dedicated to achieving your goals and looks good too! 


Positive Mindset Masterclass

Did you know that having a positive mindset doesn’t actually come easily to a lot of poeple. Working on your mindset daily, and choosing your happy will help you see benefits in so many areas of your life. 

In this Masterclass we talk about how YOU can get in control of your mindset, how you can bring yourself back to centre when things are going awry, and why you don’t actually have to be positive all the time.

Mini workshop

Hack Your Habits

One of the things many people do at the start of the year is dedicate themselves to creating new habits… but they’re often not as successful as they hope to be. 

If you want to create new habits, and make those habits stick, then this mini workshop about hacking your habits is for you!

Master Workshop

Goal Setting Workshop

Ready to outline your goals for 2021 so you can hit the ground running and actually achieve them?

None of this ‘one day’ talk around here – instead we are going to not only set amazing goals, but create step by step action plans helping you to move towards your goal every single day, regardless of how big (or small) it may seem. 

Goal Setting Workbook Included