February 2021

While February is celebrated as the month of love, this month we are focusing on ALL relationships - romantic ones, family relationships,
and our friendships.

"When we talk about relationships we often thing of romance and love - but our family and friends make up such a big part of our lives too."
krystal kleidon

journal prompts

relationship journalling

Journalling is such a good way to get our thoughts and feelings out and when it comes to relationships, you can find out a lot about yourself, your relationship beliefs, and your wants through journalling. 

These prompts are for all kinds of relationships in your life – romantic, family relationships, friendships, AND your relationship with yourself. 

Printable Planners

Couples planner

This is by far the most popular planner we have ever created! This planner is designed to help you open up lines of communication, and HAVE FUN in the process.

You can print it again and again and dive deep into areas of your relationship that you love or want to improve – and get to know each other even more! 


conversation challenge

I personally love this challenge and will be doing it myself! This is a simple 14 day challenge where you choose a question each day to use as a prompt to have a conversation with your spouse. 

Some days your conversation might just be a quick 5 minute chat, other days you might find it sparks off a deeper conversation. Either way, this is a FUN challenge!


100 Questions To Ask Your Spouse

Dive deep into conversation with this fun and unique workbook. Designed to help you get talking, have fun, and get to know your spouse even more (with questions you may have never thought to ask) this workbook can be printed and used anytime you want some inspiration for conversations. 

You can also print it again and again (keep copies to see how your answers change over time) and it’s the perfect accompaniment to date nights!


5 Steps to better Communication

Communication in a relationship is so much more than simply having conversations with each other. This Masterclass is all about how you can communicate better in your relationship (and the skills translate to other areas of your life too!!). 

Effective communication is a tool all couples should have and continue to work on, and this Masterclass is a great step towards that. 

mini workshop

signs of toxic friendships

When was the last time you really thought about whether or not your friends were the right people to have in your life? 

Often we can get stuck in friendship ruts, without even realising that those friendships are actually toxic for us. 

This mini workshop is all about the signs of toxic friendships and what you can do if you have them in your life.