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to all the moms who are overwhelmed and over it...

Who absolutely adore their family, but are feeling like everything falls on their shoulders and that they’re juggling and juggling and it feels like something is going to drop..

Who feel like every day is just as busy as the last and you are constantly rushing around trying to keep up… 

Who feel like there’s something they’re missing because everyone else seems to manage but they can’t figure out what that something is….

I have a question for you

What’s the difference between sitting down to dinner with your family at night, having a conversation and talking with each other, before relaxing for the evening and taking some time to yourself.. 

…and scrambling last minute to find the number for the takeaway store (even though you’re pretty sure you have it memorized), scoffing down your meal quickly while you try to help kids with homework, get baths done, and rushing through the chaos of the evening… 

… or worse… 

… being so overwhelmed to the point where nothing gets done, your kids are eating cereal every night, you forgot your daughter’s baseball tryouts, and your son’s dance recital on the weekend, and you don’t remember the last time you actually felt like you had your shiz together.

if you guessed...

Let me tell you a secret… having a perfectly crafted to do list… having a bunch of people do all the things for you… going full in on the Swedish Death Decluttering (it’s a thing)… and calling grocery shopping on your own ‘self care’ isn’t going to stop you from feeling overwhelmed

here’s what you need to know:

Here’s what you need to know about beating that overwhelmed feeling in 2021 without adding even more to your to do list:

The truth is the reason you feel overwhelmed is because…

you don’t feel like you’re in control… 

(but since you’re here, in a few clicks you won’t need to worry about that anymore…)

why getting your day organized is so darn hard for you (but seems so easy for Kate on Instagram...)

1 – You think being productive means you have to do all the things (or more things… or have the longest to do list ticked off…)

Contrary to popular belief… the size of your to do list has ZERO correlation to how productive you are or how much you get done (I have 3 things on my to do list each day and am the MOST productive I’ve ever been…). 

Stop writing out those mega to do lists that take up a whole page (even though it feels sooooo good when you tick things off) and focus on getting things done.

2 – You say yes to everyone (even if you’d much rather say a big ol’ NO) because deep down you want people to see that you have it all together… 

You know that feeling when you’ve said yes to helping someone with something and then the time comes around for you to help them and you hope with fingers and toes crossed that they cancel or tell you not to worry about it? Yeah… me too. 

As a chronic people pleaser and helper at heart, saying no can be hard. But BOUNDARIES are essential otherwise you’re just spending your days ticking off someone else’s to do list. 

3 – You take each day as it comes and just hope for the best and you shudder at the thought of a routine (let alone a system…)

Are you a ‘wing it’ kinda gal? How’s that going for ya?

Absolutely.. you can wake up and just see where the day takes you… but you’ll forever be living your life in reactive mode. If you want to jump off that bandwagon and head on over with the cool kids over here, you can find out how to create systems and routines that make… life… easy. (On Wednesday’s we wear pink…)

4 – You neglect yourself and your own needs because no one has time for self care and there’s more important things to do… 

Still stuck in the mindset that self care is selfish? Or that heading to the hairdresser once every 6 months is some form of magical indulgent self care that is supposed to fill your cup and make you all sunshine and rainbows?

Stop. Neglecting. Yourself. 

Even if you don’t join Dominate Your Day, just promise me you’ll stop neglecting yourself. Mkay? Thanks. 

5 – You’re missing the key to making life so much easier because you’re taking on all the mental load instead of automating it…

We have a rule… don’t do things that can be done for you on autopilot. Simple. 

but there's good news...

Getting control of your day is so much easier than you think – and it’s going to actually give you more time to do what is important to you…

Look, you’ve read this far which means you already know there’s more time waiting for you and that it’s absolutely possible for you to enjoy your days instead of feeling absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed all the dang time…

You can create a day that looks like:

But what you might not know is that there’s actually a simple system that means…

this system is called…

the RPR system of controlling your day

how it works

step one - remove

This step is like taking a big step back and look at your life, finding what doesn’t work for you anymore, and removing (this goes way beyond decluttering…)

step two - prioritize

This is where the system becomes super personalized – what are your priorities in life? What is important to you? Everything we do works around these priorities.

step three - routine

Finally my favorite and probably the most powerful step. We create routines in every area of your life possible so there’s less decision making and more mental energy for you!

I’ve helped 1000’s of busy moms just like you get excited about planning their days, take a whole bunch of decisions off their plate (goodbye decision fatigue) and get time back to spend enjoying their kids instead of racing around and watching time fly by…

from past students

but who are you and what do you know?

First of all… thanks for asking… 

Because these days anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can jump on and sell you a bunch of hopes and dreams they’ve put together from blog posts all over the internet… promising you a Pinterest Perfect life worthy of any Instagram feed…

I don’t mean to sound cynical, but this is your life we’re dealing with her, you need to know the truth… 

And the truth is… I don’t have it together all the time, which is exactly what makes me the perfect person to run through this course with you.. 

Let me explain…

Me 2

why me?

Up until recently, my husband and I both worked very demanding jobs as Emergency Paramedics which also required us to be on call (ie: take the Ambulance home at night and be out the door in 4 minutes if a call came in… even at 2am). 

I also had 3 businesses I was running and we couldn’t get more than 1 day a week daycare for our daughter. 

On top of that, we had sporting commitments, family commitments, and as a massive people pleaser, I always found it hard to say no to anyone who asked for my help. 

It was when we started renovating our house (I mean complete gut and rebuild) and we were all living in the pool room at my parents house when I realised we needed a system or I was going to go absolutely insane. 

I couldn’t keep all the plates spinning anymore, and one night after I poured myself a glass of wine, I sat down crying and said to myself that I didn’t want to be a mom anymore. I didn’t want to be doing all of the things I had to do all the while feeling like I couldn’t keep up, like I wasn’t good enough

I knew if I didn’t change something, I’d just keep going down this road that I didn’t want to be on anymore. 

3 years later I can honestly say that *most* days I feel like I have it together – I’m not going to lie and tell you I feel like that all the time because I don’t.

My kids are still challenging, my businesses are challenging, I get snappy at my husband… but we always come back to the system, because it works. 

If you’re at that point where I was, where you know things have to change because this heavy overwhelmed feeling is just weighing on you and your days feel more like chaos than joy, then you’re in the right place. 

If you’re ready to stop feeling like you’re trying to spin all the plates at once (and having them smash all around you), and stop saying that ‘one day’ you’ll be more organized….

Here’s how we get you there…


The most comprehensive, yet easy to get through, daily organizing system that will help you get laser focused on what you need to dominate your day, be more efficient and productive with your time (without adding more to your to do list) and give you the tools and strategies to have less ‘aaarrrggghhh’ in your day and more ‘aaahhhhhhh’. 

after taking dominate your day you will have...

But above all else, Dominate Your Day will help you go from being the stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted (and let’s face it… sometimes snappy) version of yourself you don’t even recognize, to being to organized, in control, able to adapt to changes in your day, and being the ‘fun mom’ you’ve always wanted to be (because when your day is under control, you can do things like play games and have fun!)

what to expect

module one

DYD - 10

goals & intentions

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the course, we need to set our goals and intentions – this is what gives us the foundation to build on and reminds us why we are doing what we are doing… 

module two

DYD - 7

reason & purpose

Everyone has a different reason and purpose for doing this course… and guess what? It isn’t actually to be more organized… that’s an action… not an outcome. 

module three

DYD - 2

the RPR system

This is the building blocks of the course and what helps you to truly Dominate Your Day. Our RPR system will help you easily overcome overwhelm and take control of your day.

module four

DYD - 12

your support

Let me tell you a little secret… just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you have to. And in fact, you really shouldn’t… this module is all about creating your support systems (even if you don’t think you have any available).

module five

DYD - 16

maintenance mode

This is my favorite mode… maintenance mode… aka autopilot… This module is all about the systems you can create in your life so you don’t actually have to DO all the things, all the time. It’s actually life changing…

module six

DYD - 9

your mindset

While this course does focus on you, in this module we are putting you (and your mindset) in the spotlight. I know how uncomfortable that makes you feel already, but I promise by the end of this module you’ll understand why it’s so important (and of course, how to do it).

plus these bonuses

bonus one

DYD - 4

coaching calls

Each month we will jump on a coaching call where we can answer any questions you have, and will run through a focus for the month. During this call you get direct access to ME as your coach and mentor.

($1800+ value)

bonus two

DYD - 5

finance fanatic

This BONUS course teaches you how to stop being scared of your money and get excited about your bills (okay, excited might be a bit over the top but you will love managing your money)… 

($97 value)

bonus three

DYD - 14

planner membership

This BONUS gives you access to our planner membership giving you over 3000+ printable planning pages to help you organize and plan every aspect of your life..

($1980 value)

bonus four

DYD - 1

journal prompts

This BONUS gives you access to over 1000+ printable journal prompt pages to help you develop your journaling habit and help you to understand various aspects of your life (brilliant for your mental health). 

($300 value)

bonus five

DYD - 8


Deep dive into various aspects of your life with 20+ Masterclasses and Training Sessions. Covering everything from budgeting to mindset, relationships to self care, and everything in between. 

($950 value)

bonus six

the mug

Remind yourself every morning that you can Dominate Your Day with our exclusive, only available here as a bonus, Dominate Your Day Mug… not even kidding… it’s the cutest… and I’ll send you one when you join. 

(can’t even put a value on it because it’s too cute)

ready to join?

dominate your day course - presale

what's included...

split payment



upfront payment



Me again

dominate your day is right for you if ...

dominate your day course - pre-sale

what's included...

split payment



upfront payment



some questions you may have for me

I get it, you’ve got enough on your plate already without adding ANOTHER thing… this course is condensed… all that you need, no fluff or fillers. You can listen in the car, as you workout, or as you go about your day.

I purposefully omitted a timeframe for this course because some people will race through it in a few hours, others will take weeks or months. The important thing is that you’re taking action, not how quickly you race through it. 

That being said, I highly recommend taking action as you go, before you move onto the next module, so you can build a solid foundation for your day. 

Everything you need is included, such as planning pages and workbooks. 

You may have a planner you absolutely love, which you can use too. 

If you’d like to print the planning pages to use, then you’ll need access to a printer. Alternatively, the files are PDF so can be used on many iPad’s and tablets and drawn on/edited there. 

Hmmm… maybe… but if you could, wouldn’t you have done that already? 

What you won’t find is our Dominate Your Day (DYD) and RPR Systems – specifically designed to help you ditch overwhelm and take control of your day. 

Whether you don’t like the course, or you’re just not that into me (that’s okay, I’m not for everyone) that’s totally okay. 

Let me know within 14 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund. 

Yup! Whether you like coffee, tea, matcha, chai, crio bru, gin, or water… our super cute mug will remind you who it is in charge of your day (psssst…. it’s you!!!)

You’ve got questions… I’ve got answers! Let me know what’s on your mind by sending me an email to krystal (@) projecthotmess.com and I’ll respond to you personally.


hey, let's do this

You’ve made it to the bottom of the page… either you’re super thorough like me… or you’re a little hesitant to hit that button and join now. It’s okay, I totally get it, change can be overwhelming and if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, it can be a little too much. But if you’re ready to ditch that crappy, weighed down by everything feeling and try something new… then I’m here for you and I’d love to help you dominate your day.