Do It In December

Take control of the busiest month of the year with this Mini Workshop + Planner

"December is full on, but being organized means you can get out of your head and enjoy the moments."
krystal kleidon

lesson 1


Download and print this planner specifically designed for December, to help you plan Christmas, keep control of your time and most importantly, give yourself space to enjoy this magical time of year. 

lesson 2

The Power of December

There’s nothing quite as motivating as a deadline to kick your butt into gear…

But when it comes to December, the final month of the year, people tend to get so caught up in Christmas and what’s needing to be done, they forget the goals they had created for the rest of the year..

So here’s my fix:

The more organised you are for Christmas, the more time and mental space you’ll have to push towards your goals for the end of the year.

While it might be tempting to look towards next year and start creating goals for the new year, don’t forget December.

You have 31 days to achieve a goal. 1/12 of the entire year. That can be a lot of time…

So, stop rushing through, stop skipping over this last month, choose your goal and let’s Do It In December…

lesson 3


I know there’s a fine balance between getting organised and just diving in and getting things done, but when it comes to December, I feel like you can’t really be ‘too’ organised.


Start With An Overview

The best place to start is with an overview. Use a monthly calendar and jot in the important things that are happening. Anything you can think of that you need to remember or need to know about.

Add In Commitments

Somehow December seems to have more commitments than any other month. Be sure to add these to the calendar too so you’re not trying to remember the last minute Christmas party or school event.

Don’t Forget What’s Important To You

Every year on Christmas Eve we drive around looking at Christmas lights. Some years we have to adjust when we do this because of work commitments (being Paramedics means we work all kinds of shifts), so being able to look ahead and see what our work commitments are means we can ensure we schedule in the things that are important to us, and they aren’t left to the last minute, or worse, forgotten about completely.

Include in your calendar what is important to you and what you want to ensure happens this month.


Do yourself a favour and spend some time scheduling in things to make life easier for yourself. I’m talking things like meal planning, grocery lists, weekly cleaning tasks and self care.

One of the key aspects of avoiding overwhelm this month is to ensure things are planned and sorted early so you don’t have to stress or worry about them later.

Simple things like meal planning can mean the world of difference. You don’t have to meal plan too far in advance, a week is enough to be able to do a grocery shop once a week (not daily, so you save so much more time), and it means that you’re not going to be stuck at 5pm trying to work out what you’re going to do for dinner.

It’s these little things that take a few minutes to do, but can save you so much time over the week.


If you’ve never been the kind of person to plan out your days, then now is the time to start.

Have you outlined what goals you want to achieve this month? Be sure to do something each day to move yourself towards those goals.

Using the Daily Planning Pages included in the Do It In December Planner, you will have every aspect of your day covered, and you’ll be able to get all the jumble out of your head and onto the page so you don’t miss anything.

lesson 4

Planning Your Days

The ‘secret’ to a well organized day isn’t about scheduling every last minute, it’s about creating segments that allow you to organize your day in a logical way. 

lesson 5

Planning Your Days Part 2

Routines are what allow you to move through the busy times, like Christmas, without stressing too much and without feeling overwhelmed.