December 2020

With the New Year on the way, we can close out 2020 with some reflection, create goals for the next year, and say goodbye to the year that challenged us in whole new ways.

"Don't focus on all of the 'bad' things that happened this year, because there was so much good as well. Give love and energy to the good and take that gratitude into the new year with you. You'll be amazed at what a shift in mindset can do for your mental health and overall wellbeing."
krystal kleidon


2021 Calendars

When it comes to calendars for 2021 I’ve got you covered. With 5 different designs, all coming in A4 size and US Letter as well as the option for Monday start or Sunday start, you’ll find the perfect calendar for you right here.

Printable Planners

2021 Weekly Planner

Need a weekly planner for 2021? Want it to be beautiful and functional? We’ve got you covered! 

With our 2021 Weekly Planner you can create your PERFECT planner by adding in whatever planning pages you want from our library of printable planning pages. Simply add them into your weekly planner, print and bind in your chosen way and you’re ready to take on 2021! 


Organize Your Life In 14 Days

14 Days to a more organized you? Uh… yes please! 

Challenge yourself to be more organized with these daily focus points. Over two weeks you’ll have decluttered, organized, and shifted your mindset so you’re ready to take on 2021!

Printable Art

New Year Printable Quotes

Let these beautiful new printable quotes inspire you to close out 2020 in a positive way and take on the New Year! 

Mini Workshop

Goal Setting

Ready to outline your goals for 2021 so you can hit the ground running and actually achieve them?

None of this ‘one day’ talk around here – instead we are going to not only set amazing goals, but create step by step action plans helping you to move towards your goal every single day, regardless of how big (or small) it may seem.