How To Download Your Planning Pages

Below you will find all of the individual planners in the Colourful Dots Planner style. You can download as many as you want, mix and match the pages to suit you and use them to create YOUR perfect planner. 

There are two options for how you can download these pages:

Option 1 – Use the ‘View All Pages’ button to open the Dropbox folder that allows you to view and download all the planners; or

Option 2 – Use the ‘Download Planner’ button at the top of each section to view all pages for that planner and download the individual planner you’d like from the Dropbox window that opens. 

You don’t need to have a Dropbox account in order download these planners. Simply select the download option and save to your device.

Life Planner

Our Life Planner is designed to help you organize all of the key areas of your life. From your daily planning, yearly overviews and goal setting, right through to your budgets and grocery lists, this planner has a whole lot. (68 pages).

Finance Planner

Our Finance Planner is designed to help you understand your money, organize your finances and budget, and most importantly, achieve your financial goals. (61 pages)

Self Care Planner

Our Self Care Planner has been created to help you make self care a priority, to take some time for yourself, and to reconnect with who you are - plus it's a whole lot of fun (and teams up well with our Fun Lists Planner). (70 pages)

Wellbeing Planner

In a life that is always busy, it's important to prioritize YOU and your wellbeing and that's exactly what this planner helps you do. From planning your workouts and creating challenges for your self through to meal planning and self reflection. This planner has it all. (60 pages)

Fun List Planner

Who said writing lists had to be just for organizing? Not here! Get creative with these lists and have fun while you're at it. Perhaps even challenge yourself to writing one list a day and see what you learn about yourself along the way. (104 pages)

Couples Planner

By far our most popular planner of all time, this Couples Planner helps you open up lines of communication, talk about your expectations, wants, and needs in your relationship, and most of all, gets you connecting in a fun way. (30 pages)

Other Planner Styles