April 2021

This month we are talking all about YOU! Our focus is on self care and filling your cup (and trust me, grocery shopping on your own doesn't count). Check in this month to find ways to boost your mood and help you feel amazing.

"Self care is not selfish - it's a basic requirement."
krystal kleidon


self care planner

Our Self Care Planner is by far one of our most popular planners and it helps you to actually take some time out and focus on YOU! One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from this planner is that people love how it helps them actually identify self care in their life and PLAN for it! 

Mini Workshop

5 Steps to Self Care

So you know self care is important, but it seems so overwhelming and maybe you don’t even know where to start? 

This is a quick start mini workshop to help you get started with self care quickly and easily (trust me, you’ll love it!)

Journal Pages

self Care Journal Prompts

These journal prompts are designed to help you reflect upon yourself, what is important to you, what fills your cup, and how you can add more self care and self love to your day.

Printable Art

Self Love Printables

These beautiful printables will remind you of how amazing you are and how important it is to love yourself! Print them and decorate your home, save them to your phone as a screensaver, or use them as daily affirmations. 

Mini Workshop

how to FIND your self care style

This quick mini workshop is designed to help you find your own unique self care style. What fills your cup will be different to what fills mine, and there’s more to it than simply doing something by yourself, or something for yourself. 

mini workshop

how to find time for you

Finding time for yourself can be a massive challenge. Often the thought of having to ‘find more time’ for yourself can be overwhelming, so we quickly let it go in order to put everyone else first. Sound familiar? This mini workshop looks at how you can find time for yourself without having to add more to your to do list. 


self care vs. Maintenance

Often we disguise Maintenance Tasks as Self Care Tasks and wonder why we are still feeling so burnt out and so low on energy… this Masterclass looks at the challenges of Self Care and how YOU can differentiate between Self Care and Maintenance for yourself.