helping busy women make time for themselves

You’re a strong and independent woman, but the truth is… sometimes you feel like you’re drowning…

It seems like you’re always busy, but instead of getting things done, it feels like you’re just adding more to the list. 

And time for self care? What even is THAT? 

Want to know the secret…? You don’t need to do MORE, you just need to take control…

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let's find your why

Whether it’s finding more time so you can do more of what you love (hello crochet lovers… me too!!) or if you’re just so darn sick of getting to Thursday night (because there’s something about Thursdays… right?) and ordering take-out again because you didn’t have time/forgot to grocery shop and between work, school, sports, and life you just ran out of time to cook… 

Or if it’s more about what you get to do… 

More time to sit and enjoy a meal with your family, to actually ask them about their day without being attached to a device and watching Ninja Kids on YouTube… 

Getting to go to your son’s dance recital or your daughter’s soccer game on the weekend, and not feeling like weekends are meant for catching up on housework… 

Or if it’s about laying down in bed at night and smiling because you absolutely love your days and you feel in control of your life… the little things that once stressed you out, now just make you laugh and you can shrug them off easily…

Whatever it is for you… whatever your ‘why’ is… we have the tools to help you get there. 

the planners

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The Planners

At the core of all of our organization techniques are our planners. For every aspect of your life, available as digital or printable planners. 

the course

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The Course

If you’re ready to take your planning skills to the next level, check out our courses and and get serious about getting your life organized.

the blog

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The Blog

Project Hot Mess started first and foremost as a blog, helping women to take control of their life, feel empowered, and be in control of their days. 

lets chat

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hi i’m krystal, it’s so nice to meet you

I’m a wife, mother, business owner… but most importantly… I am OBSESSED with helping busy moms take control of their day and get back time for themselves!. 

Years ago I felt like I had lost myself to motherhood… that there was never going to be time for me anymore. Heck, I didn’t even know who I was anymore (seriously, I saw my reflection one day and didn’t even recognize myself!!). 

Since then I’ve managed to take control of my days and create a life that works for me and my little family. The best part is that I actually have time to do the things I love (like crochet, and long brunches at the cafe by myself). 

I would love to help you create your perfect life too…

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not sure where to go from here?

If you’re wanting to get your life more orgnaized, but you’re not ready to fully commit yet (it’s okay, I have commitment issues too…) I’ve got you! Check out my free resources to get you started. 

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